Gnosis New York

The Association of Gnostic Anthropology Samael Aun Weor is an institution created with the purpose of achieving the self-development of man through the study of the Being and the knowledge.

Its object of study is man, its origin; that which he is, the cultures created by him and the universe in which he lives. As the basis of this study we have Gnosticism and its universal principles.

True Man

Diogenes and his lamp comes to my mind at this moment. One day he walked through the streets of Athens with a lamp in his hand, trying to find a man, and he could not find one. He looked in the houses, rooms, corridors, yards of the wise men... "What are you looking for, Diogenes?" -they said to him- "A man..!" "The streets, the public forums are full of men!" "Those are not men;" he answered, "they are beasts: they eat, sleep and live as beasts!" He visited the homes of scientists, artists, and everywhere he was doing the same. It is obvious that he was making more and more enemies as he was visiting the homes. Everybody was feeling very offended by Diogenes... And he had reason: He did not find any! Many wanted to believe that he found one somewhere. The followers of Marat though that he had found one in a cave, and that it was Marat. Absurd! The truth is that he did not find any. If Marat was a man, good for him, but to find a real man is really difficult.

Diogenes lived in a barrel and there he used to eat and sleep; he did not even have a house. Before he died, Diogenes was visited by Alexander the Great, the one that could put Europe and Asia under his rule. He even threw him out; a simple man like Diogenes, living in a barrel, threw out Alexander the Great. Being in agony he said, "Alexander, get out and leave me alone with my Sun" (that is to say, with his Inner God) and Alexander did not have any other choice than to just go away. A humble man like Diogenes, threw out Alexander the Great; that is not something that everybody can do, is it?

Well, the authentic men, in the most complete sense of the word, is very hard to find. Fortunately the Sun has deposited in the sexual glands the seed needed to Create the Man. Those seeds could be developed if we cooperate with the Sun. Then we no longer would be simple speaking machines, as we actually are, we would transform ourselves into real men, into kings of creation. To say that this humanity is made up by men, is an exaggeration. I understand that the man is the Lord, the King (this is what the Bible says), the king of creation, made to govern the animal and vegetable species, to govern the ocean, the air, the fire. If one is not a king, then one is not a man.

Who of you can govern the elements? Who of you can provoke a storm? Who of you is able to destroy a fire? Who of you is able to activate the volcanoes of Earth or to make the world tremble, to produce an earthquake or to destroy it? If we are not lords of creation, then we are not men, because in the Bible it is written that man is the king of creation. Therefore, are we kings or not? If we are victims of circumstance, if an earthquake kills 7.000 people, as happened in Europe, the seventh of this month, then what do you think: victims of circumstances? Where are the men? If the elements can destroy us in the same manner as we destroy an anthill with our foot, then where are the men's qualities that we say we have?

Really, even if we presume we are men, we are in reality nothing more than a simple intellectual animal, sentenced to live the sadness of life. But there are seeds in our glands, yes, seeds that can transform us into men. Those seeds can germinate in ourselves if we cooperate with the Sun and its Solar Ideas. He has created this race not only to be useful to the economy of nature, but also with the clear intention of attaining a Harvest of Solar Men.