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The Association of Gnostic Anthropology Samael Aun Weor is an institution created with the purpose of achieving the self-development of man through the study of the Being and the knowledge.

Its object of study is man, its origin; that which he is, the cultures created by him and the universe in which he lives. As the basis of this study we have Gnosticism and its universal principles.


The Small World in Which We Live

Indubitably we need to reflect a little about ourselves…

They tell us that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm but, really, we live, we could say, in the inferior parts of our five centers (we already know that we have five centers: the intellectual, the emotional, the motor, the instinctive, and the sexual).

Unquestionably, this microcosm that we pertain to is controlled by all of our personal interests.  For this reason, we do not even realize what the planet Earth really is. We could say that we live in our own microcosm (a small, infinitesimal cosmos) but due to the fact that we find ourselves, we could say, completely trapped by the external senses, I repeat, we cannot even be sure that we really live on the planet Earth. We live in our particular microcosm but on the planet Earth, no. Why? Because our mind, our sentiments, our desires, our emotions, live in us, within our own small world. Selfish interests control us. We do not have time to think about anything other than our egotistical interests, our passions, etc.

So, frankly, we do not truly live on the planet Earth. It seems paradoxical, but it’s true. Who could boast of really knowing the planet on which we live? It is a world with seven dimensions. Who knows it? We know that in the sea, above all, in certain profound and isolated zones of the Pacific and Atlantic, there are extraordinary phenomena; there are places where ships cannot advance (“dead waters,” they call them) for which no explanation exists.

If we strike a match with the purpose of obtaining fire, it is obvious that with friction the fire comes forth. But before the friction the fire was in the match, in a latent state. With friction the only thing we have achieved is to permit the fire to escape. However, people believe that before friction the fire did not exist in the match; so, if the fire did not exist, where did the fire come from? Nothing can come out of nothing. So, the fire existed before the match. And what is the nature of fire? They have not been able to explain anything about this; the scientists are limited to saying that “it is the product of combustion,” that is to say, they escape on a tangent. Such a concept is no more than a patch to conceal their ignorance.

They study the mechanism of the phenomenon but what do they know about life? The scientists can know all of the mechanics of life but what do they know about the vital base? Nothing! Some months ago out there the newspaper spread the news that they could now make creatures in any laboratory. An absurd thing: children from a simple laboratory, “children from a test tube!” Have you seen greater stupidity? And what was the racket? Well, simply what they had achieved was that a masculine zoosperm would unite, clearly, with a feminine gamete, that is to say, with an ovum. Now, united, it was put in its respective place within the organism and it is obvious that gestation was processed. That is nothing new (that is certainly the famous “artificial insemination”) but they thought that now they were creating life. 

If we take the chemical materials that a zoosperm and ovum are made of and we ask the scientists to make a pair of masculine and feminine gametes, I am sure that they can do it. But then, if we ask them to unite and deposit those artificial gametes in their corresponding place within the female body, or simply in a very special tray, so that an infant would result, I am sure that nothing would come out of there. 

One day, a materialist atheist, enemy of the Eternal, argued with a very religious man and that classic story of “Which came first, the chicken or the egg” came to the discussion. Of course, it is a never-ending story: Who laid the egg? The chicken. And the chicken…where did it come from? From the egg. And the egg…where did it come from? In the end, that is a question that never ends. But then, after so much discussing, and discussing, and discussing, the religious man then challenged the materialist to make an egg, to see if he felt very capable of taking a chicken out of there. The materialist said he would do it and he did it (a very well-made egg). Now after the fact, the religious man says, “Well, let’s put it into a hen now so that a chicken may come out of it.” And they put it in the hen but nothing came out. It was a dead egg, without life. 

This reminds us a lot of Alfonso Herrera, the great Mexican wise man, who was able to make a cell. I say a cell, but not living; an imitation of life, but a cell just as it is. But it was always a dead cell. It never had true life. The cell was perfect with its nucleus, its membrane, etc., etc., etc. but it was a cell that never had life. I repeat, a dead cell.

So, we live on a planet that we do not know, or better said, we do not live on the planet. We live in our own little world. Each one of us is conditioned by his own interests, passions, desires, preoccupations, etc., etc., etc. Properly speaking, we do not live on the planet Earth.

It has been said that there exist internal senses; we do not deny it. Obviously, there are more internal senses than external. The different schools have methods to develop the intimate senses, the internal senses, but in truth I tell you, my dear brothers, that if we want to develop internal senses, we should begin by developing the sense of observation of oneself, that is to say, of self-observation. That sense is latent in each one of us but it is necessary to develop it. Development is only possible with practice. This sense will keep on developing itself as we keep on using it. As we progress in the observation of oneself, the other senses will continue manifesting. Finally the day will arrive that, through intimate self-observation, we may deeply, integrally, and in all the departments of the mind and the heart, know the multiple internal senses that we possess. They will manifest in us; they will develop preciously. And that is why it has been said, “Nosce Te Ipsum.” (“Man, know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.”)

As soon as we start becoming reflexive, we also begin comprehending the lamentable state that we find ourselves in. Since people only live within their own little world that they carry in the lowest floors of the machine, it is clear that they do not understand things related with the Cosmos or with the many Cosmos. It does not even interest them. It is something beyond them. The only thing that is of interest to people are their selfish matters: the full satisfaction of their vices, of their passions, of their created interests, their preoccupations and egoisms, money and more money, fornication, alcohol, etc. (that is the Humanity). When one speaks to them about the seven cosmos and the people attempt to begin to study the laws and their principles, well frankly, they do not feel much interest for this because it is way beyond them. It does not form part of their selfish preoccupations. That is the crude reality of the facts.

We need to study Gnosis profoundly. That is why there are the books, the lectures, etc. But simply reading the works is not enough. It is necessary to go much further, brothers. There is no doubt that in the beginning it is necessary to read, to listen to the recordings, to attend the classes, to take notes in our notebooks or workbooks and to learn by memory. The memory is the formative principle but it is not everything. If we always commit everything to memory, in the long run, it will not be of any use to us. The memory is one hundred percent unfaithful. Whatever is committed to memory, sooner or later, is lost. If we truly want to take advantage of these Teachings it is necessary to deposit this knowledge in the Consciousness, this is obvious. I do not deny that in principle we need the formative faculty, that is to say the memory, but the knowledge should not remain there.

When we try to know the intimate meaning of that which we have deposited in the memory through meditation, then the knowledge that was deposited there passes to superior parts of the intellectual center. If we try to be more conscious of the Teaching, finally, it will occur that the aforementioned knowledge will be definitively absorbed by the emotional center that no longer is intellectual (we should distinguish between the emotional center and the intellectual center).

When the knowledge has become emotional, when it has been deposited in the emotional center, it is ultimately absorbed by the Essence, that is to say, in the Consciousness. The knowledge that is deposited in the Consciousness is never lost, not even with the death of the physical body, because upon returning we bring it into the Consciousness. But what is deposited exclusively in the memory, sooner or later, is lost. For that reason, my dear brothers, it is advisable that the knowledge be deposited in the consciousness.

I repeat: first it is necessary to study, then to deposit, all the information in the formative center (the memory), then try to capture and apprehend the intimate sense of that which we have deposited in the memory. When we do it, we feel with such knowledge something sentimental or, we could say emotive, or emotional to be more clear, because it then passes to the emotional part of the intellectual center.  If we insist on trying to apprehend or capture the essence of the knowledge it will become emotion, living emotion. It will pass, we can say, to the emotional center.  More meditations will make it become conscious. This will happen when, at last, the emotional knowledge is submerged in the Essence, in the Consciousness. This is the process through which one has to pass the knowledge so that it becomes conscious.

Common and everyday people live trapped by the external senses. However, there are people that have already established a permanent center of gravity within themselves. Those people are the ones who, in previous lives, were in these studies. Those people will search for the Teachings, they will yearn for it, they will feel that there is something beyond the world of the senses, and they are not mistaken. Very far beyond the senses through which we place ourselves in contact with the exterior world, we find the Essence. There is no doubt that, yes, those people that possess a Permanent Center of Gravity truly yearn for something distinct, different, in spite of all the contingencies of existence.  I have understood that their Essences stay immutable, that they have not been deteriorated or altered.

So, in the Essence is the best that we possess. The Essence is the Consciousness, it is the most decent, the most worthy of our Being.

There exist two currents of thought in each one of us: the first comes from the Personality, the other from the Essence. The thoughts that come from the cultivated Personality are apparently more brilliant and of substantial content but, in the depths, the thoughts that come from the Essence are of a superior type. However, a good ability of observation is needed to distinguish one from the other.

Since the thoughts from the Essence are simpler and the ones from the Personality are more complicated we could confuse ourselves and believe that thoughts from the Personality are of a superior quality to those of the Essence. But such confusion is especially based in ignorance. The thoughts from the Essence, even though they may not have much erudition, even though they may be simple, unquestionably, they are of a superior quality.

When one begins to concern himself a bit in life with his situation in this existence, when one realizes that he is no more than a small inhabitant of the Earth, when one thinks that the Earth is a piece of the Sun, a detached slice from the Sun, indubitably, this is indicating to us that his Essence is restless, that it yearns, that it has something of a superior type.

Obviously, this type of very simple thought does not interest the people who live within the infinitesimal world of the ordinary senses, that live in their little and miniscule world, that of the microcosm. The yearning to know if the Earth is a piece of the Sun and if the Sun pertains to the Milky Way comes from the preoccupation or yearning of the Essence. It is the Essence that has that quality of thoughts, simple but magnificent in the depths.

So, it is necessary that the brothers comprehend that the most important thing that we have in our interior is the Essence, that is to say, the Consciousness.

There are many who preoccupy themselves with magic powers.  I tell you that the awakened Essence possesses in itself very beautiful faculties. What we need is to develop the Essence. One could not develop it if he did not work on himself. When in truth we preoccupy ourselves with eliminating from our intimate nature our psychological defects (anger, covetousness, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc., etc., etc.), the Essence naturally begins to unfold marvelously.

Normally the Essence is bottled up, as I have already said so many times, among those multiple “inhuman elements” that we carry in our interior (I am referring to the psychological defects). As we go about disintegrating or pulverizing such “elements,” the Essence will be free in an absolute way, completely awake, with a precious spontaneity in this world of manifestation.

As we then go about annihilating the Ego, that is to say, the “I” of psychology, the “myself,” the Essence will become liberated. With the radical death of the “I,” of the “myself,” of the “oneself,” the Essence will remain completely free, and a free Essence, manifesting itself through a human body, through a brain (or through the three brains because, really, we do not only have an intellectual brain, rather, we also have an emotional brain and a motor brain) will naturally be a very precious Essence. Shining in it will be the powers of Clairvoyance, of Clairaudience, of Telepathy, of the faculties for Astral unfoldment and very many other intimate senses that would be too long to enumerate.

So, the path to obtain faculties is that of the death. It is for some reason that we have been told, “if the germ does not die, the plant is not born.” When we die in ourselves, when this “beloved ego” that we carry within becomes dust, the powers flourish because the Essence comes forth (the free Essence comes forth). The free Essence enjoys many faculties, precious senses, amazing capacities. 

There also exist multiple organizations, diverse organizations, schools, etc., to develop “chakras,” to obtain magic powers. Some of these institutions teach, definitively, practices that we could classify as “tenebrous.” In truth we can affirm, my dear brothers, that if we only concern ourselves with developing powers and we do not annihilate the “myself,” the “oneself,” the Psychological “I,” the most that could happen is that we convert ourselves into black magicians. The Sacred Scriptures have spoken very clearly. The Gospel says to search for the Kingdom of God and its Justice first, and all else will be added unto you.

Look how beautiful a newly born child is. Through the child, in the child, the only thing that expresses is the Essence but, I repeat, I am speaking about a newly born child. Whoever thinks that a newly born child is found in an unconscious, sleeping state is deeply mistaken. A newly born child sees you with pity. He is more awake than you. If you believe that he does not realize your life, you are perfectly mistaken. He realizes the way in which you live but, what is worse, the horrors that you carry in your interior, and that is most lamentable.

I do not want to tell you that one hundred percent of the Essence expresses in a newly born child. No, obviously in the creature that has come, in the one that has returned to existence (that has reincorporated, I want to say, in a new human organism), only a minimal fraction of the Essence is expressed. But that free minimal fraction that can express because it is free in the child, unquestionably, is also awake and self-conscious. It is a shame that the totality of the Essence cannot express itself. Practically, around three percent of the Essence is expressed in a newly born child. But that three percent is free, self-awakened and conscious; therefore, it has many intimate senses in full activity.

Obviously, as time passes, everything changes. That child starts to become asleep especially due to the elders. The child begins to imitate the gestures of his elders, their inferior emotions, etc., until he also ends up asleep, doing the same.

Since the “I” is multiple, any true illuminate that proposes to observe a newly born child can see the following: the child in his crib, awake. A minimal fraction of Essence, that which expresses, will be completely self-conscious, awake. But also he sees around the crib creatures that intend to manifest themselves, distinct Egos, distinct “I’s,” some with beautiful forms, others with hair-raising forms, that come and go, enter and leave, within that bedroom where the child sleeps, that go in circles around the crib, etc. 

They are the “I’s” that are waiting to express themselves. Within those “I’s” are distributed the rest of the Essence, the ninety-seven percent of the Essence that is stuffed within each one of those “I’s” (within an “I” is inserted a determined quantity of Essence, in another “I,” another quantity, etc.). And those multiple “I’s” are going in circles around the crib, wanting to express themselves, manifest themselves, place themselves within the little body of the child, but they cannot.

As time passes, the new Personality of the infant is forming. It forms itself with the example of the elders, with school, etc. As the new Personality is forming, the “I’s” are also having the opportunity to express themselves. After the front fontanel of the newly born closes (you have perfectly observed that in newly born children the superior parietal is slightly open; it is something that they call “the crown;” we say, technically, the front fontanel of the newly born), while it is open everything goes well but, as that front fontanel is closing, the Personality is also developing and the ability for the “I’s” to begin to intervene is made greater each time. Therefore, certain manifestations of anger begin to be seen in children, especially around the ages of three and four years old. They begin to become irascible and, little by little, the “I’s” have the opportunity to express themselves until, definitively, they all end up manifesting themselves. It turns out to be interesting to observe newly born children.

How good it would be, I say, if the Essence were not bottled up, placed among all those “I’s.” How good it would be if the child could grow up without any “I” being placed within him, that the totality of his Essence were in him throughout his whole life. Then all the five cylinders of the machine: intellect, emotion, movement, instinct, and sex, would be under the control of the Essence and he would march in harmony with the Infinite! 

Unfortunately, ninety-seven percent of the Essence is bottled up among the diverse “elements” that constitute the Ego, the “I.” We need to develop the Essence, to un-bottle it, to de-fraction it. When we achieve this, multiple, Divine, natural powers will express themselves in us with all their beauty and with all their power. We do not need, then, to “strive” to obtain powers. What we should “strive” for is to die in ourselves, here and now, because “only with the death comes the new.”

Observe the life of the great Christian mystics. They did not concern themselves with obtaining powers; they only concerned themselves with sanctity, to eliminate each one of their psychological defects, to die in themselves, and as they achieved it, multiple supra-normal faculties were expressed in them. They were always known as “saints” and there are many of them and from the most diverse origins, at times from the east at others from the west. It is, then, sanctity that is the most important, my dear brothers. 

That is all for my talk. If anyone has something to ask, he can do it with the most complete liberty.

Student:  Master, you have explained to us the process through which we should pass the knowledge so that it becomes conscious. My question is, is the nature of Truth of an emotional character or of an instinctive character?

Samael Aun Weor:  The Truth is something that cannot be defined because if it is defined it is disfigured. But, yes, we can say that the steps in order for the knowledge to become conscious are found outlined in the following form: first, one studies so that then the knowledge remains deposited in the memory; second step, one meditates with the intention of apprehending the deep significance of the knowledge deposited in the memory; when that occurs, the knowledge (through meditation) passes to the emotional part of the intellectual center, and it is necessary to explain this.

The intellectual center has three parts: the superior intellectual part, the emotional part and the motor part. We would say that the knowledge passes to the emotional part of the intellectual center; therefore, we begin to feel a certain flavor of that which we have deposited in the memory. In a more advanced state of meditation, that knowledge now definitively abandons the intellectual center to remain deposited, strictly, within the emotional center and, subsequently, through the technique of meditation, we achieve at last that the knowledge passes from the emotional center to the Essence. 

In the Essence then, stays deposited such knowledge, that is to say, the truth or truths that we may carry to the Essence, to speak more clearly. They have a rather emotional flavor. I am not speaking of inferior emotions but rather of emotions of a superior type. The superior emotion permits any truth to pass to the Essence where it comes to remain deposited but the cold analytical intellect of an Aristotle, for example, is completely crippled. It would never allow the knowledge to become conscious, it would remain deposited in the memory and that is all. 

That is why, we could say, between the Aristotelian system (which is pure cold reasoning) and the Platonic or Porfidian systems of Porfidio, I prefer Plato. The neo-platonic methods, or the Schools of Jambilicus and Porfidous, are emotional and they permit the knowledge to be carried to the Consciousness, that is to say, they permit the knowledge to become conscious, something that never would be achieved with the cold Aristotelian reasoning, that is all! Is there some other question?

Student:  Venerable Master, in what form could we achieve that children, as their new Personalities are forming, do not let themselves be caught by the “I’s?”

Samael Aun Weor:  Well, the truth is that which is “verbum est codex.” Obviously, then, in a newly born child the Essence is there, a minimal fraction, which is what expresses through him. That’s why he is beautiful, we could say, and sublime. 

Unfortunately, and worst of all, sooner or later (especially after the front fontanel of the newly born closes) the “I’s” begin to express themselves. They begin to place themselves within that little body because they have gone without being dissolved.

If we are able to orient children from infancy, we should truly teach them the path of Gnosis, showing them what their Ego is, etc. But now this requires…this would now be, we could say, a separate chapter; it would be a matter of another talk and it would be very long to speak about children’s education. I will only limit myself to say that while the “I’s” exist they will have to express themselves. What is desirable is that we disintegrate the “I’s” so that the Essence remains free. Upon coming back, upon returning, as we reincorporated into a new vehicle, we would arrive, therefore, completely awake and we would follow the path of the “Razor’s Edge” with resolution. We would be different. Unfortunately, as we reincorporate into a new vehicle, sooner or later, the “I’s” begin to manifest themselves and when they really begin to enter into the body, to express through us, obviously, we lose that beauty characteristic of the newly born.  It’s not for nothing that Christ said, “Except ye become like little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” 

We need to re-conquer innocence in the mind and in the heart. Many believe that innocence makes them weaker, more foolish, that anyone can exploit them miserably, that since they are innocent the whole world can step on their back. But that is a false concept emitted by the Ego because the Ego believes it is strong, omnipotent and powerful and, really, it is not. But it believes it is very strong. The truth is that when one disintegrates the Ego he creates innocence, but with wisdom because the disintegration of each “element” gives us wisdom.

Look closely at what the process of anger is. How many situations of anger are there?  Many, right? One can be angry because of an attack of jealousy; one can be angry because one feels frustrated; one can be angry because of self-love, because someone hurts our self-love, etc. So, to study anger is very interesting. How does anger process itself, why this situation of anger, how did it explode? So in this way, when we dissolve some “I” of anger, it’s because we have previously comprehended it and in having comprehended it we have acquired unique, formidable wisdom. If you want the bread of wisdom, you have to comprehend each one of the “undesirable elements” that you are going to disintegrate and, as you comprehend them, you will acquire wisdom. So, when one disintegrates the totality of the Ego, when he has liberated the Essence, he remains innocent but with wisdom and knowledge. The wisdom protects him because it permits him to know not only the good and the bad, but also the bad in the good and the good in the bad. 

Student:  Master, is it true that the Egos, as they are being dissolved, become smaller each time, littler each time, and that they lose their horrendous form, becoming beautiful, so to speak.

Samael Aun Weor: That’s the way that it is! The “I’s” have various forms. There are monstrous “I’s” that appear as true hair-raising beasts. Any clairvoyant that observes them is horrified. You have seen that newly born children are often frightened, that suddenly they scream for no reason, well, this is precisely due to them seeing some of their own “I’s” which pass by close to the crib and this causes them terror. If that happens to the newly born, will it not happen to the people that live in the Abyss? They have before their view their own “I’s” and, therefore, they produce indescribable fright and horror. 

But as one dissolves the “I’s” here, in the physical, the “I’s” diminish. Let’s suppose we want to dissolve an “I” of envy. At the beginning it will be a horrendous monster but as we are working it loses volume, it diminishes and becomes beautified. Lastly, it takes the form of a child and the child becomes smaller each time until, finally, it disintegrates, now converted into cosmic dust. Then, at that point, one fulfills that which the Christ says, “Except ye become like little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” 

So then, we need to disintegrate all the “I’s” so the Essence may end up free and may express in us with all its beauty, with all that naturalness, with all that spontaneity. I have already told you that we have more internal senses than external and that we should begin by using, developing, that sense of the self-observation of oneself. As we use it other internal senses will also develop, that is obvious. So then, my dear brothers, we need to work intensely on ourselves. Does any other brother want to inquire?

Student: You told us, Venerable Master, that some people have a Permanent Center of Gravity established within themselves and that their Essences remain immutable, that they have not been deteriorated or altered. Does this refer to the fallen masters, to the Bodhisattvas? 

Samael Aun Weor: Well, all people who have a Permanent Center of Gravity are those who, in previous lives, in previous existences, were in these types of studies, who worked on themselves before. People like this form their Center of Gravity, a Center of Gravity. Some will have it more strongly and others less strongly. When someone has a specific Center of Gravity because they have worked in previous lives, unquestionably, upon returning to the world, all the elements which that person needs for his advancement come to him—books, instructors, etc.—everything comes to him, that is all.

Student: Master, all of us who have had dealings with small children know very well that, on occasion, they give off certain expressions of displeasure that we call “tantrums.” Could we consider such manifestations as expressions of the pluralized “I” or of some specific “I?”

Samael Aun Weor: That’s the way that it is! Now, these “I’s” express with freedom and, as children grow, the opportunity, or opportunities, for the expression of the diverse “I’s” are greater each time until, finally, the whole pluralized “I” definitively expresses in us and that is what makes us ugly, hideous. If only the Essence could express in us, we would rejoice in the beauty of God. In turn, from such beauty emanates that which is called “love.” 

Why is there so much confusion in the world? Look and see that the “humanoids” don’t understand each other. I am going to give you a concrete case. A woman, for example, suddenly decides to pay attention to a gentleman because he made a good impression on her, because he was very nice, etc. She can do it disinterestedly. Such a woman does not have, let’s say, any thought of lust. She is not in love with the gentleman. She only thinks he is a good person and is preoccupied with paying attention to these or those needs, etc. But, what happens? The gentleman has Ego and the Ego controls the five cylinders of the machine. Since the Ego controls those five cylinders of the machine it, therefore, then interprets as it feels like and those good manners of the woman, instead of passing, let’s say, to the emotional center, then pass to another cylinder—the instinctive-sexual center—and, therefore, lust surges forth in that gentleman. The mind clearly comes to be controlled by the sex, as has always been seen, and the gentleman says, “That woman is in love with me, maybe I made a good impression on her.” Some time after he may begin to make propositions of a sexual type to her. The woman is surprised and says, “Impossible. I was paying attention to him disinterestedly and this gentleman has badly interpreted my good behavior, my good manners.” Yes, he has badly interpreted them. Why has he interpreted them badly? Because he has Ego and the Ego controls the five centers of the machine but if that gentleman did not have Ego, if it were only the Essence that controlled the five cylinders of the machine, the courtesies of that woman would pass to the emotional court and would express themselves with pure pleasure and true beauty. There would not be, therefore, wrong interpretation. 

And the example that I give, in this sense, can extend in many other directions. We say a word and others interpret it badly. Why do they interpret it badly? Because they do not interpret it with the corresponding center. They interpret it with a center that does not correspond to it. We emit an intellectual concept, for example, and it can be that the emotional center (not the superior, but the inferior) receives and misinterprets that intellectual concept. One thinks that his self-love is being wounded, that the individual with this concept has hurled an irony at him, such that he reacts to it. In the end, we do not understand each other. Why? Because of the Ego and this is a true “Tower of Babel.” 

And we, the human beings on the face of the Earth, will not be understood while there is Ego. There will be wars and rumors of war. There will be strikes. There will be violence, hatred, etc., etc., etc., while we do not dissolve the Ego. The Ego has made us become horrible to everyone. We do not enjoy true beauty. Due to the fact that we have Ego, we are ugly, terribly ugly. If you could see how beautiful the Essences free of Ego are, you would be filled with ecstasy. For example, when one penetrates into a garden with his superior faculties he sees the innocent “Elementals” of the flowers, devoid of Ego, the “Elementals” of the trees, as children full of beauty, devoid of Ego. They do not have Ego. There are no problems among them. They live in a true Paradise, these Elemental Paradises of Nature, and they enjoy precious faculties, the free faculties of the Essence. So then, brothers, while we are as we are, it will be impossible for us to enjoy true happiness but the day that we gain true innocence, the day that we die in ourselves, we will be able to converse marvelously with the innocent creatures of this entire creation and to live together with them in the Paradises, in the diverse Elemental Paradises. But with no Ego! 

So, with Ego, the Principles of fire, air, water, and earth close the doors to us. We are horrible monsters! When I am in meditation, brothers, and suddenly someone comes to visit me, I realize it because horrible, sinister vibrations of the visitor reach me. I realize that the one who comes brings Ego. Could we compare those who have Ego to someone? To Frankenstein, no, because Frankenstein is fictitious and has no scientific value. Then who? To Count Dracula! That is the type of vibration that any person that has Ego carries. Now you will comprehend why the elemental creatures are horrified when they see someone that has Ego. They run away, afraid. 

Have you understood me? Well, we will end the talk here my dear brothers.