Gnosis New York

The Association of Gnostic Anthropology Samael Aun Weor is an institution created with the purpose of achieving the self-development of man through the study of the Being and the knowledge.

Its object of study is man, its origin; that which he is, the cultures created by him and the universe in which he lives. As the basis of this study we have Gnosticism and its universal principles.


Beginning Course Curriculum

This listing constitutes the typically lessons taught in the "first chamber" or beginning classes. The subject manner can vary slightly based on the instructor.

First Block – Introduction to Gnosis

  1. Introduction to Gnosis
  2. The Four Ways
  3. Two Lines of Life
  4. Need, Greed, and Bliss

Second Block – The Foundation of Gnostic Psychology

  1. Consciousness, Personality, and the Animal Ego
  2. The Human Machine and the Pluralized “I” 
  3. Three Brains and How to Solve Problems
  4. Three Minds
  5. Universal Mind 

Third Block – The Awakening of Consciousness

  1. Spatial Sense and the Fourth Dimension
  2. Awakening of Consciousness
  3. Learning How to Listen

Fourth Block – Universal Laws and the Ray of Death

  1. Return, Recurrence, and Reincarnation
  2. Law of Karma and Dharma
  3. Mysteries of Life and Death
  4. Evolution, Involution, and Revolution

Fifth Block – The Origin of Man

  1. Seven Rounds and Seven Races
  2. Origin of the “I”
  3. Lunar Influence
  4. Hidden Face of our Psychological Moon

Sixth Block – Gnostic Esotericism

  1. Universal Sound
  2. Seven Cosmos
  3. Gnostic Tree of Life
  4. Study of the Solar Man
  5. Seven Types of Man

Seventh Block – Use & Expansion of our Energy

  1. Psychic Development
  2. Transformation of Impressions
  3. Prana, Tattwas, and Pranayama
  4. Sexual Hydrogen Si-12
  5. Astral Travel

Eighth Block – Age of Aquarius and its Foundations

  1. New Age of Aquarius

Ninth Block – Preparation for Meditation Chamber 

  1. Prerequisite: Regular Attendance to First Chamber Program


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